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Company Philosophy

The company name originates from "Sanpo yoshi", a famous and historical business term in Japan, that roughly translates into "Giving Benefit For Three Sides". Following the philosophy, our company is committed to satisfy all parties (manufacturers, customers and partners) involved, as well as to contribute to the society and the development of the Japanese economy.


Based on our company philosophy, we aim to fulfill the basic necessities of life and to spread the knowledge of excellent Japanese products, technology, hospitality, as well as the concept behind our company name, Sanpo yoshi, throughout the world by providing retail- and architecture services (food business scheduled to open soon).

Organisational Culture

A diverse organization where each member is treated equally and fairly.
Our company is formed by a diverse workforce that is rich in individuality, and we strive to create an equal and fair organizational environment where everyone can display their skills to the fullest.

Company Profile

Company Name GBFT Ltd.
Establishment September 2. 2014
Capital 20 million Yen (Oct. 2019)
Annual Sales 4.7 billion Yen (Oct. 2019)
Number of Employees 8 (Oct. 2019)
Founder/Representative Director Naoya Matsumoto
Director Junpei Tsuchiya
Director Yasuto Yamaoka
Auditor Akifumi Hirai
Business Concept Sale and purchase of electronics, furniture, miscellanneous goods, beauty products and wrist watches.
Construction contracting, design, supervision, planning, consulting and management business.
Address 1-4-1 Ebisuhonmachi Naniwa-ku Osaka
556-0013 Japan
Phone Number +81-6-6634-6033
Fax Number +81-6-6634-6044
Banks Resona Bank, Limited.
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Kiyo Bank,Ltd.
Kansai Mirai Bank, Limited
The Senshu Ikeda Bank, Ltd.
The Hyakujushi Bank, Ltd.
The Minato Bank, Ltd.
Osaka Shinkin Bank
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Japan Finance Corporation
Member Organizations The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Secondhand Dealer Lisence Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission 621120142188
Sales and Rental Manager of Medical Devices 17024053
Construction Business License Special Construction Business License (General Building) Osaka governor permission (S-30) No.151323
Trademark Registration Certificate GBFT Ltd.
Designated goods or designated services and the class of goods or services 35

Company History

September, 2014 Company established at Ebisu-nishi (Naniwa Ward, Osaka)
Capital: 9 million Yen
Employees: 4
August, 2015 End of First Fiscal Year(Sept. 2014/Aug. 2015)
Annual Sales: 1.2 billion Yen
Employees: 4
October, 2016 Head office relocation to Ebisuhommachi (Naniwa Ward, Osaka)
Capital increase to 10 million Yen
End of Second Fiscal Year(Sept. 2015/Aug. 2016)
Annual Sales: 1.9 billion Yen
Employees: 5
July, 2017 Establishment of Architecture Division
(Establishment of Retail and Architecture Divisions)
October, 2017 End of Third Fiscal Year(Sept. 2016/Aug. 2017)
Annual Sales 3 billion Yen
Employees: 8
July, 2018 Establishment of the Amagasaki Logistic Center
October, 2018 End of Fourth Fiscal Year(Sept. 2017/Aug. 2018)
Annual Sales 3.8 billion Yen
Employees: 9
February, 2019 Increasing company capital to 20 million Yen
March, 2019 Aquired Special Construction Business License(General Building)Osaka governor permission(S-30)No.151323
September, 2019 Appointment of Director and Auditor
October, 2019 End of Fifth Fiscal Year(Sept. 2018/Aug. 2019)
Annual Sales 4.7 billion Yen
Employees: 8